Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PE Uniforms: What A Ripoff!

On the first day of school, one student in my PE class asked if we were allowed to wear our Jordan PE clothes in addition to our Paly PE clothes; say, while we were washing the latter. "No! Of course not!" was the answer given my my teacher. Her vague explanation had something to do with "Paly pride," but I thought the idea of reusing a $10 shirt that you otherwise would never wear again had its merits. Added to the fact that a full set of Paly PE clothes costs $20, using a Jordan shirt for PE seems pretty ingenious.

The school should theoretically have more profitable fundraising techniques than selling $10 shirts that don't fit all that well and don't even have designer labels plastered over every square centimeter of fabric, but the element of requiring every student to buy at least one makes it more effective.

I could have gone with the masses and forked over another $20 for another set of clothes for alternates, but instead I decided to go the creative (if, on the whole, unnecessary) route by recreating the Paly logo on my computer, printing it onto a piece of special iron-on paper, and ironing it onto the inside back of my Jordan PE shirt.

I admit that actions like these, that people (comme moi) take every day just for the heck of it, are unnecessary, but hey! Extraneous actions (and the selling of PE uniforms) could potentially make the world go 'round.